Healing the Sick.
 Henn, Ulrich

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Title:Healing the Sick

The larger work on the doors of the Cathedral pictorially narrates Jesus’ ministry. In the sculpture it is clear that Jesus is intentional about healing this person of his or her infirmity. Even though the “sick” person is cowering away, Jesus has one hand stretched out to deliver healing and the other hand ready to catch the person who is falling away.

In the scripture the evil spirits torturing the man, knows who Jesus is, “Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God.” I’m suggesting that even though sick person did not cause the disease, he perpetuates the sickness by cowering in cowardice. When one has been conditioned and has become complacent to trauma, one becomes afraid of the unknown…wholeness. In America we have become complacent to greed, poverty, and prejudice, and still we cower away in hedonism, false-prosperity, and mediocrity. Americans have become afraid of the unknown, perhaps for the fear of being held responsible for being cowardly.

BUT God is still willing to deliver from the bonds of demons. When we would rather fall down to cynicism, xenophobia, and greed, Jesus says, “Be Quiet!...Come out of the man!” When we are sinking deep in sin, sadness or sickness, the Master lifts us with love. Jesus is always willing to move toward us. Jesus is always willing to use authority to show compassion and to restore wholeness. -- Olusola Tribble

Date:April 5, 2008
Artist:Henn, Ulrich
Building:St. James Cathedral (Seattle, Wash.)
Object/Function:Relief sculpture
Country:United States

Scripture:Mark 1:21-28
Isaiah 35:1-10
Lectionary links:BEpip04
General Subject:Healing

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