Norton, Jay

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“Ascension”…is intelligently designed based on the configuration of the windows on the west side of the Marquette Club building. Somehow it evolved from thoughts of “space”…and the transformation of urban areas to reference the current debate raging here in our heartland about science and faith. The astronaut represents the glory of man’s scientific achievement. The Jesus represents man’s spiritual ideal and ultimate reward. Both men are ascending to the heavens - one by rocket, the other by the divine hand of God. Both have to have a lot of faith. In the middle is the issue of evolution, represented by the iconic “Ascent of Man” series. Both of the concepts of creation and evolution rely on fact and faith, each conceding something to the other. Hopefully, this piece can be read backward and forward, and as an argument for both sides of the debate, confusing the issues and serving as a little question mark for the neighborhood. Ultimately, the origin of our planet and species is a mystery that will never be completely solved within our lives. Choosing sides [either way is] clinging to ideology [that is ultimately] all about faith. And that is a fact” (Jay Norton) (my brackets).

For many in the church today, it is difficult to swallow a literal read of Jesus being “carried up into heaven” (Luke 24.51). Art produced by Jay Norton (and others) speaks to this tension. Art like his is vital for those in the Christian movement who are drawn to visual images that represent a “more than literal” interpretation of scripture, to employ a phrase Marcus Borg is fond of using. -- Chance Dillon

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Date:January 9, 2007
Artist:Norton, Jay
Building:Marquette Club
City/Town:Kansas City
Country:United States

Scripture:Luke 24:44-53
Lectionary links:BProp16
General Subject:Ascension of Christ
Resurrection of Christ

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