Women Holding a Basket of Corn.
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Title:Women Holding a Basket of Corn
Notes:The corn, beans, and squash seed that appear in this basket are the three crops that comprise the Native American "Three Sisters of Life". Planted together they are interdependent: the cornstalks provide climbing support for the beans that increase nitrogen in the soil, while the large leaves of the squash shade the roots of the other two plants, preserving rare moisture. Nutritionally, the corn and beans together make up a complete amino acid balance in the diet. The squash contributes Vitamins A and C. Just so, the three figures of the Trinity together make a complete divinity that supports the human spirit, and partaking of more than one spiritual practice nourishes the soul well. -- from a Revised Common Lectionary reader.

The women in this image, holding a basket of food, corn and beans, reminds me of Jesus’ disciples offering the five loaves of bread and two fish to the thousands of people who came to be with him. The loaves and fishes were the common food of the people, just as the corn and beans are for these women.

We might consider the way these two women are offering the basket of food. It is this basket of food that is the focal point of this image, as if the food is offering itself, inviting people to take what they need. But the two women are just as important as this basket full of food. They are the ones offering what they have, what they have probably grown themselves. They are offering, just as the young boy in the scripture offered all that he had to eat for the whole group to share.

Because the food in this single basket is not enough to feed more than a few people, we may imagine that there are many women with similar baskets ready to share what they have grown. God has blessed their bounty, and they want to share it with all who are hungry. -- Jackie Twedell


Scripture:John 6:1-21
Luke 1:46b-55
Lectionary links:BProp12
General Subject:Corn

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