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Title and Description
    Title:Emagombe newaife
    Date of Recording:2004-06-12
    Type of Recording:Funeral music
    Description:About our home being the grave. It's a warning to the youth if they are not careful the end is the grave.

Artist Information
    Group (ensemble):Busoga National Actors Mata Group
    Group leader:Culture Officer
    Performers:Nasani Byansi Mata (thumb piano, singer, leader), Fred Tavakumuwa (tube fiddle)
    Composer:Nasani Byansi Mata


    Language(s) (from list):Soga
    Ethnic Group (from list):Basoga
    Musical Instrument(s):Thumb piano (endongo) and tube fiddle
    Musical Instrument(s) (from list):Idiophone--Lamellaphone--Akadongo

Rights and Technical Data
    Rights:Copyright © 2007 Vanderbilt University
    Ownership:Vanderbilt University
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    Submitter:Balikoowa Centurio
    Local Identifier:4-01.rm
    Record Number:41