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Library Staff Directory

Associate Dean of Libraries343-1229
  Dean of Libraries322-4782
  Programs and Special Projects Coordinator343-1222
  Assistant Dean of Collections615-322-7113
  Assistant to the Dean322-4782
  Associate Dean of Libraries; Director, Divinity Library; Interim Director, Central Library343-8350
  Director for Collection Assessment and Analysis322-5507
  Administrative Assistant322-3478
  Executive Director of Finance and Administration, Library322-6892
  Director of Development for Libraries322-8976
  Director of Administrative Svs.343-2039
  Director of Special Projects343-4701
  Associate Dean for Technical Services343-3826
Director, Scholarly Communications322-6938
Administrative Services
Annex Library Assistant269-5780
  Manager, Annex/Messenger Svc.297-6302,343-9928
  Library Assistant269-5780
  Library Assistant269-5780
  Administrative Assistant269-5780
Library Copy/Printing Services Copy Service Assistant343-5861
Library Mailroom/Receiving Office Asst III322-2978
  Lead Messenger438-7231
Interlibrary Loan Assistant, ILL Borrowing322-2858
  Assistant, ILL Lending322-1029
  Assistant, ILL Borrowing322-2858
  Library Assistant936-4627
  Library Assistant322-2408
  Assistant, ILL Borrowing322-2408
  Document Delivery Coordinator322-8470
Central Library
Administration Associate Dir & Head of Reference322-3618
  Administrative Svcs Coordinator322-2664
Baudelaire Center Librarian322-6284
Circulation Library Assistant936-6849
  Library Assistant936-6842
  Library Assistant III936-6997
  Library Assistant322-2858
  Library Assistant322-2418
  Library Assistant322-4285
  Public Services Coordinator343-1141
  Evening Supervisor936-6847
Collection Development Librarian343-4838
  Library Associate322-2769
  Bibliographer/Ref Librarian343-4237
  Reference & Instruction Librarian343-3081
Government Information and Media Services Library Associate322-2838
  Media Coordinator322-2838
  Head of Government Information & Media Svcs322-2838
  Library Assistant343-3683
Reference Instruction Coordinator322-6285
Divinity Library
Collection Development Associate Director, Collections Librarian343-9880
Director's Office Administrative Assistant343-8517
Public Services Librarian343-5844
  Circulation Assistant322-7983
  Library Associate322-6993
Technical Services Librarian343-0541
  Library Assistant322-2566
Law Library
Administration Administrative Assistant322-2187
  Associate Dean & Director, Law Library322-0020
Library Services International Law Librarian/Lecturer322-5927
  Circulation Manager322-4640
  Term Clerical322-2568
  Head of Serials343-5467
  Acquisitions Assistant343-5465
  Acquisitions Assistant343-4284
  Associate Director322-0021
  Cataloging & Documents Assistant322-0024
Public Services Library Assistant343-5466
  ILL in Document Delivery Manager343-4591
  Electronic Resources Librarian322-1438
Library Digital Services
Computer Systems Administrator III322-5541
  Coordinator, Digital Exhibits & Projects343-3756
  Systems Librarian322-7125
  Oak Manager343-5179
  Systems Librarian343-9376
  Digital Assets Manager322-4529
  Systems Librarian343-1614
  Coordinator, Search and Core Services343-5388
  Web Development Support Specialist322-7179
  Systems Librarian343-4427
  Systems Librarian343-3827
Management Library
Access Services Library Assistant343-5946
  Library Assistant IV343-6036
Administration Administrative Assistant343-4109
Business Information Services Manager of the WML/Business Info Svc343-4084
Collections Acquisitions/Tech Processing Manager343-4108
Information Services Director of WML343-4182
  Business Information Consultant and Liaison322-5133
  Library Assistant III322-2123
Information Technology Librarian322-2546
Music Library
Cataloging Services Music Cataloger322-3022
Director's Office Director of the Blair Music Library322-5227
Public Services Circulation Coordinator936-7043
Reference Services Education & Outreach Librarian322-8686
  Reference Assistant322-7171
Peabody Library
Library Assistant322-6291
  Library Assistant322-8226
  Technology Support Librarian322-2319
  Library Assistant322-8099
  Administrative Assistant322-8866
Science & Engineering
Access Services Library Assistant322-4165
  Circulation Manager322-4905
Director's Office Director of Science & Engineering Library343-6043
Reference and Collection Development Biological Sciences Librarian343-7105
  Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Librarian343-7106
  Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy Librarian343-7107
Science & Engineering Library
Special Collections
Librarian+1 (615) 343-1965
Manuscripts Assistant322-2807
  Public Services Archivist322-2807
  Art History Research Assistant322-2807
  Director of Special Collections/Univ. Archives322-2807
  Image Resources Assistant322-2807
  Digital Imaging Specialist322-2807
  Associate University Archivist322-2807
  Archives Associate322-2807
Technical Services
Cataloging and Authorities Library Assistant343-2086
  Library Assistant343-2091
  Library Assistant322-3504
  Team Leader343-2089
  Library Assistant322-3504
  Administrative Assistant875-6905
  Library Assistant343-2086
E-resources and Serials Management Team Library Assistant875-6883
  Library Assistant875-6925
  E-resources Librarian, Team Leader343-5879
  Library Assistant343-3831
  Library Assistant875-6912
Order Services Library Assistant343-3829
  Library Assistant875-6905
  Library Assistant875-6883
  Library Assistant343-1968
  Library Assistant875-6883
  Library Assistant875-6912
  Library Assistant343-1968
  Library Assistant343-7255
  Library Assistant343-3832
  Team Leader322-1140
  Library Assistant875-6866
Preservation Preservation Librarian/Team Leader322-2464
  Preservation Technician343-1250
  Library Assistant343-1250
Television News Archive
Library Assistant343-7432
  Video Technician343-7015
  Activities/Program Assistant322-2927
  Media Services Specialist343-7433
  Media Equipment Technician343-8042

Jean and Alexander Heard Library Staff Directory
Eskind Biomedical Library Staff Directory
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