Detailed Description

Title and Description
    Date of Recording:2004-05-22
    Type of Recording:Composition
    Description:About a peasant who loved a king's daughter and ended up losing his fingers.

Artist Information
    Group (ensemble):Kibuye Primary School Choir
    Group leader:Balikoowa Centurio
    Performers:Balikoowa; Amuza
    Composer:Traditional folk music


    Language(s) (from list):N/A
    Ethnic Group (from list):Baganda
    Musical Instrument(s):Xylophone (madinda style). One set.
    Musical Instrument(s) (from list):Idiophone--Xylophone--Amadinda

Rights and Technical Data
    Rights:Copyright © 2007 Vanderbilt University
    Ownership:Vanderbilt University
    Conditions of use:Click here for details
    Submitter:Balikoowa Centurio
    Local Identifier:2-01.m4a
    Record Number:2