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Title and Description
    Title:(a) Cuucu -- (b) Kyabarongo -- (c) Hurira Omu-iguru -- (b)Nibanyeta
    Date of Recording:2005-04-28
    Description:The song had this arrangement: a b c and ended with b. (a) is a lullaby played to make children sleep. (b) is a name given to parents who produce twins.(c) they are calling me to heaven. so I play music in heaven. Do you hear?

Artist Information
    Group (ensemble):Individual Performance
    Group leader:Tibasiimwa Dominic
    Performers:Ndyanabo George
    Composer:Traditional folklore and music

    Performance Venue:In a hotel room

    Language(s) (from list):Nyankore
    Ethnic Group (from list):Banyankore
    Musical Instrument(s):1 tube fiddle
    Musical Instrument(s) (from list):Chordophone--Tubefiddle

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    Submitter:Balikoowa Centurio
    Local Identifier:83-03.m4a
    Record Number:574