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This Psalm speaks about wisdom of the LORD, praised by those who study so that they might understand. The LORD provides mercy, reveals power and establishes eternal justice for the believers. It is the responsibility of the believers to seek the majesty of the LORD in all its righteousness and wonder.

This photograph represents aged wisdom from the primary source of study, the Holy Bible. This bible is one which has been passed down through generations, keeping the tradition of the family bible so often found in our own homes. Worn pages, notes and creases share the wisdom of generations past with the wisdom of generations present and those to come. Flipping through the sacred text, we, in the place of this photographer, are open to endless tradition, history and belief.

In the study of theology, we read the academic reflections of past, present and future scholars, appreciating a variety of perspectives, understanding history and society, and finding our own beliefs in stages of growth and development. If we are to take these perspectives in a justifiable view, however, it is our responsibility to seek religious wisdom where wisdom was initially written. The text has survived not only through history but with popularity because of its endless provision of life instruction, communal tradition and restorative faith. Here, in the Holy Bible, we read and experience the works of the LORD, full of honor and forever within our reach. ~ Kitty Taylor


Scripture:Psalm 111
Lectionary links:BProp15
General Subject:Bible

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