Study for Christ in the Wilderness.
 Kramskoĭ, Ivan Nikolaevich, 1837-1887

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Title:Study for Christ in the Wilderness

Ivan Kramskoi was a Russian artist who focused on portraying the complex humanity of his subjects. The poet and cultural critic, Rainer Maria Rilke, was profoundly affected upon seeing Kramskoi's painting of Christ in the Wilderness. "The painting portrayed a lonely Jesus sitting on a stone in a desert, lost in melancholy meditation. "Russian art does not become more narrow with its growing nationalism," Rilke concluded. On the contrary, "it may be in a better position to express the higher human universals if it completely abandons everything foreign, accidental, and un-Russian." Rilke's advocacy of Russian nationalism has often been misinterpreted by his critics. He was not proposing a return to the confines of a cult or mindless ritual, but he believed in art as a channel or a a system of canals for focusing generally unformed national feelings and intuitions. To be authentic, Russian artistic images had to be intimately linked with millions of individual Russian souls." [from: Rilke's Russia: A Cultural Encounter, Anna A. Tavis. Northwestern University Press, 1997. p. 77. ]

Date:ca. 1872
Artist:Kramskoĭ, Ivan Nikolaevich, 1837-1887

Scripture:Luke 4:1-13
Lectionary links:CLent01
General Subject:Temptation of Christ

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Bibliographic Source:Rilke's Russia: A Cultural Encounter
Author:Tavis, Anna A.
Publisher:Northwestern University Press