Complete Joy.
 Pittman, Lauren Wright

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Title:Complete Joy

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"I believe complete joy is a deep groundedness, a solid sense of being upheld and supported, and a profound peace that encourages you to feel the pure, unhindered heights of life’s beauty. I think it looks like forgiveness and trust. I think it looks like ease and authenticity. I think it looks like relief. I realized that in the interest of protecting myself from my own pain, anger, and grief, that I’d actually stifled my ability to truly feel joy. I started painting this the day I decided to begin the journey to complete joy. I know it will belong and difficult process, but I think it’s worth it."

Lauren is an artist, graphic designer, and theologian. She studied Media Design at Middle Tennessee State University, worked as a wetlands advocate in Southern Louisiana, and attended Columbia Theological Seminary to piece together her passions for artistic expression, design, and Creation Care.

While in seminary, Lauren found a passion for seeking after God and processing scripture through visual exploration. The visual arts offered her a holy space to ask questions, take risks, and make bold statements. Her paint brush, acrylic paints, sharpies, and colored pencils became mediums for liberation, helping set her voice free. Once she began this journey in visual self expression, she became determined to create spaces where others could find this freedom and find their own voice, whether it be in the act of creating, in liturgical arts, or in visual meditative practices like Visio Divina.

While at Columbia, she also realized her background in graphic design was a great asset in ministry. In the midst of the Church's struggle for relevancy in a rapidly changing world, she saw the need for faith communities, ministries and non-profits to share their story and mission more effectively and fully through visual means.

She is Founding Creative Partner & Branding Director for A Sanctified Art LLC, a collaborative arts ministry providing multimedia resources for worshiping communities. She also helps faith communities and non-profits share their vibrant stories through branding & design services.
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Artist:Pittman, Lauren Wright
Country:United States

Scripture:Luke 1:46b-55
John 14:15-21
Psalm 16
Lectionary links:AAdvt03
General Subject:Joy
Culture: African American
Culture: Black

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