Peter Walking on Water.
 Miller, Mary Jane

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Title:Peter Walking on Water
Notes:PLEASE USE THIS BRIEF CREDIT INFORMATION FOR FREE, NON-COMMERCIAL CONGREGATIONAL PRINTING: Peter Walking on Water, Mary Jane Miller. FOR OTHER USES: Full credit information can be found below in the Copyright Source field.Commentary by the Artist:

Peter Walking on Water

"Faith unleashes the supernatural. We can live on a boat for security or on the waters of faith where we might drown. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and John, all record Peter and Jesus walking on the water. Peter asked. “If it is you, tell me to come to you on the water." He acknowledges Jesus has bent the law of nature and calls to him before the other disciples. He wants to walk or go to Jesus regardless of the distance or the fact Jesus is standing on the water. In the story, Jesus commands Peter to “come” to Him on the water. Peter took one step in faith to get out of the boat and onto the water. Peter did not experience the supernatural power of God that allowed him to walk on water until he trusted in what he saw as something impossible. Peter was distracted by fear and the thinking mind. He lost his trust in what was happening and reverted back to what he could understand. We become less when we cleave to the physical world as if it is the only reality. With just a little faith, we are capable of greater wisdom, love, trust, and mystery, and so become able to open ourselves to every potential for God's unscientific presence."

Narrative Icon Collection

The collection of 12 narrated biblical event and feast days are taken from my book Life in Christ 2021, Knowledge of God made visible in Jesus the Man.

Mary Jane Miller is a self-taught Byzantine style iconographer with over 28 years of experience, born in New York and living in Mexico full time. Her collections of sacred art are contemporary, with a proficient command of egg tempera. The work is extraordinarily rich in style and has been exhibited in museums and churches in both the United States and Mexico. As an author, Miller blends historical content and personal insights to arrive at contemporary conclusions about faith. Her six self-published books include Icon Painting Revealed, Mary in iconography, In Light of Women, and Life in Christ and The Stations. Miller has been published online and in publications such as Divine Temple, Russian Orthodox Journal, Faith and Forum Magazine, Liturgy Today and Profiles of Catholicism. She teaches 4 courses annually, 5-day immersion workshops throughout the US and Mexico. Website:,

Artist:Miller, Mary Jane
Building:San Miguel de Allende

Scripture:Matthew 14:13-21
Person as Subject:Peter, the Apostle (Biblical figure)
Jesus Christ (Biblical figure)
Disciples (Biblical figures)
Lectionary links:AProp14
General Subject:Jesus Walks on Water

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Copyright Source:Mary Jane Miller,
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Attribution:Miller, Mary Jane. Peter Walking on Water, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved July 12, 2024]. Original source: Mary Jane Miller,
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