Detailed Description

Title and Description
    Date of Recording:2004-12-17
    Description:A song saying that the instruments are being taken to the palace for the musicians to eat good things. Played amadinda style by Balikoowa and two of his students.

Artist Information
    Group (ensemble):Trio performance
    Group leader:Balikoowa Centurio
    Performers:Balikoowa Centurio, Amuzza, Mudhasi
    Composer:Traditional folk music

    Performance Venue:Main hall

    Language(s) (from list):N/A
    Ethnic Group (from list):Baganda
    Musical Instrument(s):Xylophone set (amadinda)
    Musical Instrument(s) (from list):Idiophone--Xylophone--Amadinda

Rights and Technical Data
    Rights:Copyright © 2007 Vanderbilt University
    Ownership:Vanderbilt University
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    Submitter:Balikoowa Centurio
    Local Identifier:55-03.m4a
    Record Number:381