Detailed Description

Title and Description
    Title:Ekyevugo (Lion hunt)
    Date of Recording:2005-04-28
    Type of Recording:Ekyevugo epic poetry recital
    Description:It started a bit early in 1961 before Uganda got her independence. This is the time when there were still many wild animals especially lions which were fierce to human.

Artist Information
    Group (ensemble):Individual Performance
    Group leader:Tibasiimwa Dominic
    Performers:Dominic Tibasiimwa
    Composer:Traditional epic poetry recital

    Performance Venue:In a hotel room

    Language(s) (from list):Nyankore
    Ethnic Group (from list):Banyankore
    Musical Instrument(s):voice
    Musical Instrument(s) (from list):Voice

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    Ownership:Vanderbilt University
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    Submitter:Balikoowa Centurio
    Local Identifier:83-02.m4a
    Record Number:573