Voices of Vanderbilt:
An Oral History of Vanderbilt University

Oral history interviews offer insights about events, motivations, and memories that other sources do not provide. Vanderbilt University is now following the national trend of adding a systematic oral history component to its institutional history holdings in the university archives. Over seventy-five interviews with nearly fifty former administrators, faculty, staff, and students give alumni, students, and researchers a windows into the recent past of Vanderbilt University, and serve to publicize the rich heritage of the institution to the community and potential students, as well. Many of the key persons involved in the life of our university since World War II have been available and willing to participate in building an oral history holdings in the archives. The knowledge, perspective, and experience of these men and women has been captured and preserved for future generations of the Vanderbilt University family via archived tapes and transcripts. This Internet Web site supports these interviews, enabling alumni, researchers, and others to use Vanderbilt's oral history holdings from remote locations.

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