Scary, Scary Night.
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Title:Scary, Scary Night

This lectionary text is for Epiphany, the time when the Magi came to visit Jesus after his birth. They followed a star, which led them to Jesus. This photograph portrays a great light, with everything pointing towards it, drawn to it. This light is so bright that you cannot tell whether it is the sun or the moon. But what it is does not matter as much as the fact that this light leads the Magi, and all others, to Jesus. The trees lean towards the light, and the ripples even seem to be traveling in the direction of the light.

All of the scriptures for Epiphany include images of a star, or a bright light, or the sun and moon. All of these have become symbols of Jesus, the light of the world.

In this image, the light that is most visible is most pronounced. This is a reflection of trees in the water, and because of that, everything looks a little bit feeble. The trees look wobbly, the ripples look sporadic, but the light is still strong. And the light will always be strong, for as long as “the sun endures, and as long as the moon, throughout all generations.” And as long as the light is present, righteousness will flourish and peace will abound. This is the promise of the light, the light that led the Magi to Jesus, and the light that sustains us as it leads us also. -- Jackie Twedell


Scripture:Psalm 72
Lectionary links:BEpDy
General Subject:Water

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