Maundy Thursday Foot-Washing.
 Hochhalter, Cara B.

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Title:Maundy Thursday Foot-Washing
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Maundy Thursday Foot-Washing
John 13:1-17
"In this account from the book of John, it was the night before the Passover meal where Jesus had supper with the disciples. This is the only Gospel version that includes a foot-washing. Jesus says that he is setting an example for them of serving others in this intimate and humble way. He breaks down the divisions of servant and master by recognizing equitable relationships of care and compassion... This story of Peter’s refusal, makes me wonder how often I resist opportunities to make myself vulnerable to others in ways of serving and/or receiving blessing. After all, Jesus looks pretty excited to wash our feet!"

The Rev. Cara B. Hochhalter is a United Church of Christ (UCC) minister. She received her Masters of Divinity from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, where she studied the intersections of art, theology and justice. She served the Charlemont Federated Church in Massachusetts for ten years and now lives in Hyde Park, New York.

“Over the last thirty years, through my work as a Christian Educator, a seminary student and UCC minister, I have created images that interpret the powerful stories around the life of Jesus. These stories hold universal truths not limited to Christianity but relevant for all our lives and times. I find that art provides a very special means to break into these texts.”

The images in her book, A Challenging Peace in the Life and Stories of Jesus were created through the simple print-making process of carving out a block, applying ink and pulling a print. Cara says, “The interaction of light and dark is important in each image as we cannot have one without the other. The dark defines the light, and vice versa. I find this to be theological as we look to the whole—the light and the dark, the joy and the despair, the peace and the conflict—all under an umbrella of Divine Love that yearns for wholeness.”

Using her book, Cara also offers three online discussion groups: Jesus and Justice, Parables and Peace-making, and The Paradox of Humility in the Stories of Jesus.

To contact Cara B. Hochhalter for information about her art, to purchase signed prints of the images, or her book, A Challenging Peace in the Life and Stories of Jesus, please email:

Artist:Hochhalter, Cara B.

Scripture:John 13:1-17, 31b-35
Person as Subject:Jesus Christ (Biblical figure)
Disciples (Biblical figures)
Lectionary links:CHoly04
General Subject:Footwashing
Jesus Washes Disciples Feet

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Copyright Source:Cara B. Hochhalter
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