Doubting Thomas.
 Miller, Mary Jane

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Title:Doubting Thomas
Notes:Commentary by the Artist:

Doubting Thomas

"Thomas proclaims, “My Lord and My God!” To look upon the face of Christ, is to look upon God incarnate. We learn that the disciples had gathered behind closed doors out of fear of the Jewish authorities. This icon shows the closed door behind Thomas. The red cloth draped over the wall and building is the iconic symbol for a scene taking place inside. Christ appears eight days after his death and is able to enter the room where His followers have withdrawn in fear, along with a few women present. He is haloed and robed in his traditional red tunic and blue cloak holding a white scroll. The disciples are not haloed. The “Doubting Thomas” had become the “Affirming Thomas” and my awareness had shifted between two poles, one of doubt and the other belief. Christ has always been present in my life, everywhere and sometimes just beneath a thin garment waiting for me to reach out and touch him. Sacred space, spiritual awe, divine understanding, mystical awareness, cannot be limited to any one place or only the men. If we believe with our whole heart, mind, and soul that God is every where, the question becomes where can there be no God?"

Narrative Icon Collection

The collection of 12 narrated biblical event and feast days are taken from my book Life in Christ 2021, Knowledge of God made visible in Jesus the Man.

Mary Jane Miller is a self-taught Byzantine style iconographer with over 28 years of experience, born in New York and living in Mexico full time. Her collections of sacred art are contemporary, with a proficient command of egg tempera. The work is extraordinarily rich in style and has been exhibited in museums and churches in both the United States and Mexico. As an author, Miller blends historical content and personal insights to arrive at contemporary conclusions about faith. Her six self-published books include Icon Painting Revealed, Mary in iconography, In Light of Women, and Life in Christ and The Stations. Miller has been published online and in publications such as Divine Temple, Russian Orthodox Journal, Faith and Forum Magazine, Liturgy Today and Profiles of Catholicism. She teaches 4 courses annually, 5-day immersion workshops throughout the US and Mexico. Website:,

Artist:Miller, Mary Jane
Building:San Miguel de Allende

Scripture:John 20:19-31
Person as Subject:Jesus Christ (Biblical figure)
Disciples (Biblical figures)
Thomas, the Apostle (Biblical figure)
Lectionary links:AEast02
General Subject:Doubt

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Copyright Source:Mary Jane Miller,
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Attribution:Miller, Mary Jane. Doubting Thomas, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved May 26, 2024]. Original source: Mary Jane Miller,
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