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The General Keyword box searches all relevant fields by keyword. All other boxes on this page search their respective fields. The Boolean operator OR is implied between each word typed into a box unless one or more special search operators are used as described below:

  • " (double quotes): searches the words enclosed in double quotes as a phrase
  • * (asterisk): truncation; appended to the end of a word
  • - (minus sign): excludes the word or phrase from all results
  • + (plus sign): requires the word or phrase to be present in all results

For authority-controlled fields, a Choose button is provided to show the user all possible values for the field. Any value chosen by this method will automatically be searched as a phrase. If the Choose button is not utilized, the field can be searched by keyword, and the above operators are available for use if desired.


  • child* in the Title field will find child, children, child's, and any other word beginning with child in the item's Title
  • "long drum" in the Instrument(s) field will find items with long drum (but not long drums) in the item's Instrument list
  • +drum* +shaker* in the Instrument(s) field will find items with (drum or drums or drummer) AND (shaker or shakers) in the item's Instrument list
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